Kuk Sool School of Madrid

Through their trademark HUMANS & SPORT, The International Humans Company follows a lifestyle which is modest on the outside but strong and sound on the inside, behind the martial arts. KuK Sool Won has been Korea’s national martial art since the last century and the Madrid school is one of the largest advocates of this sport in Europe. Instructor José Luis Galache, a fifth Dan in KSW, runs the Professional School in Madrid and, with his students, takes part in competitions all over the world.

Women’s Soccer Club

The International Humans Company is also involved in women’s football. Since the start of the 2015/16 season they, together with other sponsors, have supplied the team Racing Parla C.D with their HUMANS & SPORT trademark. It is important for TIHC to support women’s football as it is not currently valued enough and they believe it is time for things to change.

Struggle and effort, together with hard work and zeal have enabled Racing Parla to rise to preferente in 2014, with the privilege of joining a much more competitive rank, full of challenges. During the first season, they managed to stay in the rank but at present, overcome almost mathematically, they are much more established. TIHC offers support and tracking/monitoring/follow-up to the team after every match.

Football Club “Las Encinas de Boadilla”

The International Humans Company, supports inside football and has pledged to sponsor the football of Club las Encinas de Boadilla in the seasons 2015-2017; specifically to provide the children between the ages of 4 and 16 with training equipment.

Football is one of the most valued sports; it takes effort, courage but also respect for the opponent, comradeship and teamwork, just like our trademark HUMANS & SPORT. Support at the foundation of the sport is fundamental to creating value. It is vital to invest in the youth as they are the pillars of the future and need to be educated and healthy; attributes which sport gives to every child.

Padel team

Our trademark HUMANS & SPORT endorses young people who compete in the sport PADEL in every tournament. The team formed by Esther and Paula have allowed the International Humans Company to support them and accompany them to the tournaments they attend.