The Company

The International Humans Company was founded in 2014 with the aim to be a model for the international market concerning consultancy and the support of strategic, social and sports projects. With its many branches focusing on a variety of projects and its network of international experts, it contributes to marketing experience and quality combined with a multidisciplinary equipment-team that covers a great variety of demanded subjects.

Across its different brands, such as Humans&Sport, Humans&Business and Humans&Arts, the company has taken on the challenge to change the awareness and forms of work regarding its clients/customers by providing confidence and efficient working methods, always surrounded by the best experts in each field.

The company's network of international partners offers the advantage of delivering global experience that is not bound to regional structures and that provides different perspectives to solve problems and overcome weaknesses in the client's projects.

The International Humans Company performs or offers specific consulting projects for numerous matters such as Society, Finance, Strategy, Innovation, Sports and Leisure and social affairs.

Our Vision

Build and Support projects, work internationally in a coordinated way, supporting social and professional relationships.


WORK and EFFORT as key aspect of the company and its values.

Our Objectives

TIHC aims for a common objective: create enthusiasm for what we do.

  • Build and maintain social projects with innovative ideas.
  • Add innovation to the existing processes to change our behavior Join people and organizations.
  • Highlighting globalization.
  • Expand knowledge concerning sports and health in all our environment.
  • Support enterprises and people for international consolidation.


The Company consists of a group of professionals from different countries covering our business lines such as strategy, finance, commercial, marketing and innovation. The ability to have an international and multidisciplinary team is the key to provide the best possible customer service and professional decision support.