Welcome to The International Humans Company

The International Humans Company was founded in 2014 with the aim to be a model for the international market concerning consultancy and the support of strategic, social and sports projects. With its many branches focusing on a variety of projects and its network of international experts, it contributes to marketing experience and quality combined with a multidisciplinary equipment-team that covers a great variety of demanded subjects.


Humans & Business

HUMANS and BUSINESS acts as a Business catalyst. The Company is form by to multidisciplinary Young international team with attitude and experience by providing confidence and efficient working methods, always surrounded by the best experts in each field.

It wants to be a modal in its works to realize, but always looking for a combination of success of four fundamental criteria very valued by the company: Nearness, Innovation, Creativity and Humanity.

Humans & Sport

HUMANS and SPORT is born to promote the sports spirit across projects, by means of which it could influence the persons in order that they have healthier way of life based on the exercise. Our brand wants to have international vocation, without borders, with the simplicity and facility, this way it have to be HUMANS & SPORT’s projects: Human, simple, concrete, looking for the ILLUSION.

Humans & Arts

HUMANS and ARTS is born to support the new ideas and projects of the culture, literature, painting, and arts world in general. This branch of the company will have its area in projects of support to the artists, from sponsorships up to the attainment of financing for its projects.




The International Humans Company has actively participated in the foundation of GLOBAL SPORTS INNOVATION CENTER (GSIC), an association supported at his launch by Microsoft, bringing their work to the creation of the center and its strategic lines of the present and the future. The company is part of the Board of the Centre since May 2015, representing the SMEs in meetings of the center…


InnoSmart aims to develop emerging and sustainable industries based on creativity that emerge through: Identifying creative new uses and applications for current technology. Expanding the use of innovations and current technology to new sectors and industries where they were not previously used.

ESCLUWER (European Sports CLUBs Work together)

ESCLUWER (European Sports CLUbs Work togethER): The Project had submitted in 2014 to ERASMUS + SPORT. ESCLUWER is proposing to adopt a systemic approach to the Good governance and dual career, towards the promotion of innovation by reinforcing the stakeholders identified into the EU policies.


Kuk Sool School of Madrid

Through their trademark HUMANS & SPORT, The International Humans Company follows a lifestyle which is modest on the outside but strong and sound on the inside, behind the martial arts. KuK Sool Won has been Korea’s national martial art since the last century and the Madrid school is one of the largest advocates of this sport in Europe. Instructor José Luis Galache, a fifth Dan in KSW, runs the Professional School in Madrid and, with his students, takes part in competitions all over the world.

Women’s Soccer Club

The International Humans Company is also involved in women’s football. Since the start of the 2015/16 season they, together with other sponsors, have supplied the team Racing Parla C.D with their HUMANS & SPORT trademark. It is important for TIHC to support women’s football as it is not currently valued enough and they believe it is time for things to change. […]

Football Club “Las Encinas de Boadilla”

The International Humans Company, supports inside football and has pledged to sponsor the football of Club las Encinas de Boadilla in the seasons 2015-2017; specifically to provide the children between the ages of 4 and 16 with training equipment.


Discover the potential of FUNCTIONAL TRAINING and HIGH INTENSITY INTERVAL TRAINING (HIIT) exercise to achieve results which are visible and long-lasting.


To achieve optimal sports performance and a body which is physically healthy and balanced, it is imperative to eat properly.